CNY Hunts offers the hunt of a lifetime!

"The geese were flying all morning, we didn't want to stop!"
January Goose Hunt

Guided Hunting Tours
John Potter
8701 Dwyer Road,
Port Byron, New York 13140
(315) 776-8245
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January Duck Hunting

January Duck Hunting
There were three hunters and three guides on this cold, wet January day. We were hunting one of the Finger Lakes because the wind was blowing and the ducks were flying. We all had a great time!

We practice placing the birds with the hunter who shot them, plus tagging birds when needed for transport. The duck hunting was excellent on this day, we got one banded drake mallard.

Tony's gun malfunctioned, so I loaned him my Benelli loaded with hevi-shot and the fun continued. Although Tony is a seasoned hunter, he had never gone duck hunting, but you would never had known.

We had set up in two locations and used the guides to place decoys, call, and run for coffee and things like breakfast pizza, etc.!

January Hunt

We had our limit by 9AM and this photograph was taken while we were picking things up. We had seats set up inside along with coffee and snacks.

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September Hunt

These next two pictures were taken on the second weekend in September during the early goose season. The goose hunting is great in the area.

Nick and his group came from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida for their second year to goose hunt. The weather was nice so we took turns going off the rope swing and dropping into the river.

September Hunt

This picture was taken after the morning goose hunt. We went out again in the afternoon for more action. The goose hunting turned out to be even better the following day.

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Winter Hunt

We go out of our way to book hunts for father and son teams. Neil and his father came and stayed with us in January. It was snowing hard in the morning, but I had a spot close by to hunt and we had our limit of geese shortly after the snow let up at 8AM. It was a great time for all of us. Geese flying, geese falling and father and son spending quality time together!.

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A word from your host, Mr. John Potter about Deer Hunting:

The deer hunting is excellent right here in Central New York! We have thousands of acres of private land to hunt and limit the number of hunters to ten per season. That adds up to a quality deer hunt. Every hunter that has been here has either taken a buck, or had the opportunity to take a buck. We have one five hundred acre farm that is designated as archery only.

We use quality tree stands that are purchased from the leading manufacturers. Safety harnesses are supplied and required for all tree stand hunters. We have numerous tree stands and ladder stands in well scouted locations. There are also ground blinds for the deer hunters that can’t, or do not want to be off the ground. There are a climbing stands available for those who want to go higher or to a spot they choose, or bring your own if you wish.

Most of the hunters have seen between three and five bucks on a typical three day hunt. Not every buck you see while deer hunting is going to be a monster, but there are any monsters in the area. Please feel free to call and discuss, or book an excellent deer hunt right here in Central New York.

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