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The best deer hunting in Upstate New York!!!
"We are ready to go out of our way to give a quality hunt for a limited number of hunters."
Duck and Goose Hunting
"Small game license,
migratory bird stamp,
HIP# are required!"
Guided Turkey Hunts - 3 Day Hunt - 1 Day after May 3rd, 2006
"Small game license,
and turkey permit
are required!"

Deer Hunting

Gun Hunting-100% Success 2013
Limited Availability!
Single Day
Price: $300.00/per day
Three Days
Price: $750.00
Prices may include rooms and meals

Archery Hunting October
Specialized in Archery Hunting!
Three Day Hunts - October - Pre Rut
Price: $750.00

Archery Hunting November
Specialized in Archery Hunting!
Three Day Hunts - November - Rut
Price: $750.00

Muzzle loader Hunting
Limited Availability!


Goose & Duck Hunting

Early Goose Hunting
Fully Guided - September Hunts
Price: Call For Details

Snow Goose Hunting
Call for Pricing

Goose & Duck Hunting
Daily Rates Available!
Party Up To Four Persons
Price: $500.00
Each additional $125.00
Party of Two Persons
Price: $400.00
Prices do not include rooms and meals

Early Youth Hunting
Limited Availability!
Two Days
Usually the Saturday & Sunday
prior to regular duck and goose season


Turkey Hunting

Spring Turkey Hunting-100% Success 2014
Limited Availability!
Fully Guided - Two Day Hunt
Price: $600.00
Prices include rooms and meals

One Day Hunts
Limited Availability!
One bearded bird per day
Price: $325.00/per day

Two Day Spring Youth Hunts
12-15 years of age
Limit one bearded bird

Prices may include rooms and meals

  1. Although we have numerous places to hunt, we are limiting the number of hunters to insure a quality hunt.
  2. We do require a $200.00 deposit which is refundable if we can book a hunt in your time slot. If we can book a hunt in your spot you have the opportunity to come at another date. We have always been able to offer the option of another hunt in all the years of our operation.
  3. Openings are very limited!
  4. The above fees do not include bird cleaning.
  5. Prices subject to change.

Deposit Required: $200/Minimum
Located in the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

  Must have a previous license! OR
Must have proof of having taken a hunter ed class
Must purchase a New York License
and a HIP number Migrating Bird Stamp
  Latest information on hunting date and regulations:
Licensed Guide #4529

Ed got two toms in three days!

"Ed had hunted for years but never got a Tom. While hunting with John he got two Toms in three days."


John Potter on Turkey Hunting:

There are many Turkeys in Upstate New York. My goal is to give a handful of hunters the opportunity to harvest a spring gobbler. Turkey hunting in the Spring is exciting and fun! The sounds of gobbling always gets the heart rate up.

Although many of our hunts are close by, we do hunt a fifty mile radius. The majority of our turkey hunting is on private land and we spend many hours scouting and travel to where we are sure there are birds. I am sure you realize that these birds often move around during mating season, so you have to be scouting constantly. You also need to be talking with the farmers to ask where they are seeing or hearing birds.

You no doubt have heard the saying: "If there are no birds in the area, you aren't going to get any birds." That phrase holds true, which is why we are always scouting for Turkeys. Tent blinds are normally used for Youth Hunts and Archery Hunts. We also encourage using these blinds for new Turkey Hunters to help conceal movement and hence improving the odds of success.

You can hunt until noon in this state, but if you like to fish, we are right on the Seneca River. We are just North of Cayuga Lake. The fishing is good, and we have canoes and powerboats ready to go.

During the Spring season in this area you can shoot two bearded birds, one per day. We are ready to go out of our way to get you quality shots, and have a great experience that will bring you back again and again!

Fall Turkey Hunting is also available. We use dogs to break up the flock and then sit and call the birds back in. This is also a lot of fun.

Click here to contact John Potter by email.CLICK HERE TO CONTACT JOHN POTTER BY EMAIL
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