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About Us

Do you love to hunt? So do we at CNY Hunts in Montezuma, New York. Our hunting guide service will help you achieve that exhilarating feeling of hunting. We are ready to go out of our way to give a quality hunt for a limited number of hunters.

About CNY Hunts

Your hunting guide, John Potter, has more than 30 years of experience guiding hunters through the lush Montezuma Wetlands. He spends his time wisely, finding game and planning exciting hunting adventures. John will give you one to one service and a great hunting trip in Upstate New York.

This web site, http://www.cnyhunts.com is brand new. But your guide John Potter has been a duck, goose, turkey and deer hunting guide since 1976! His guide service has been successful all these years because he knows hunting. He knows where to hunt, what to bring, lodging, licenses, etc.

Turkey Hunting In Central New York

The best guided hunts in the Upstate New York area!

"My heart was pounding!"

John Potter describes hunting with Bill:
This is Bill Benedict. He got his first turkey while hunting with me this spring. On top of being a great guy, he is also a dedicated hunter.

I had set up a ground blind a few days before in a spot I had seen and scouted previously. Having cleared the path with a rake, we got to our blind without making any noise at all.  We were above the birds on the hill when they started to gobble. Then more birds started in  all along the ridge in both directions.

We could not have been in a better spot. You could hear some hens calling occasionally, but it wasn't long before a group of jakes and a tom came up to my calling. Bill used his sticks to steady his gun and shot this bird at about 25 yards from the blind. It appeared that he hit it perfectly with a full load of lead.

Turkey Hunting Is Fun & Exciting
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